I am Miriam Wallace


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I live in central Texas on a 250+ acre farm, but it's currently being leased to cattle ranchers. I would love to have bees, create sustainable living with animals and learn the most I can about living here. I grew up in a military family, so we moved a lot; I now have been here on the farm since 2003 and it's high time to start working this land like I know it can be!

Randy Durham

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Hi Miriam! Thank you for being the first to register and join me on thebackyardfarmer.com. Wow 250+ acres! That's a big backyard! :) I started beekeeping last year and it is fascinating. We're going to develop some how to videos and articles on getting started and what to look for. We have also had chickens for about 8 years now so we have fresh eggs each day and the chickens work the backyard for insects and even eat small snakes! I use the compost from the chicken run in the garden for fertilizer and the chickens get the plants and weeds after the crop is harvested. We are working on a rhythm of life in the backyard. :) Later this year I will be working on an Aquaponics system in the root cellar of our barn where we'll be able to grow lettuce, tomatoes and a few other vegetables year round in a water bed. The water from the grow beds will feed into a fish tank. The water from the fish tank will feed back into the grow beds. The plants benefit from the "fertilized" fish water and the fish benefit from the fresh water coming back in. Should be a lot of fun.

Thank you again for joining me here! Please say hello to Matt for me.