Hive inspections and queen pics

Randy Durham

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A friend assisted in full inspections of all five of my hives today. It was a beautiful sunny day with temps in the mid '70's. All the bees were very calm and cooperative. Neither Matt nor I needed gloves and used minimal smoke. There was no need since they were so calm. Four of five hives were strong and healthy. All four have excellent queens with a beautiful brood pattern. Lots of eggs, larvae and capped brood. These four hives came from two nucleus hives purchased in late March. The fifth hive was a package hive installed in mid-April. This hive has struggled. I've been feeding this hive a syrup mix of 2 parts water and 1 part sugar with Honey Bee Healthy additive, for about two weeks. They looked healthier today than they did a couple weeks ago, but still no where near as strong as the other four hives.

I'll be leaving all the honey frames for the bees use through the coming nectar dearth and to prepare them for fall/winter. I'm hoping they will continue to draw out some comb for next year.

Above is a photo taken of one of the queens today. Lots of larvae, eggs and freshly hatched callow bees. :cool:
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I asked, was not allowed to put in a hive... She who shall remain nameless told me "The Dog might get hurt" and my response was... Well, only the 1st time :rolleyes:

But that was just round 1 ;)